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"I believe that it is better to learn from the diverse people around us than to try in vain to emulate them, better to be a teacher than a role model. As strong as my legs are, it is my mind that has made me a champion."

- Michael Johnson

What Your Family Can Expect:

The Elite Traveling Tutors are committed to ensuring that the learning experience for you and your child/children is linear.  Parents and students have access to academic feedback that is designed to show areas of strength and areas that should be strengthened.  What parents can expect:

  • To meet with an assigned tutor at a scheduled time and place

  • To receive an initial assessment and another every 40 hours 

  • To receive monthly Progress Reports (Jot notes)

  • To focus on improving written and oral skills

Travel Tutoring:

TETT offers tutoring services to students of all ages, exclusively through online platforms and metaverse environments. We have evolved our approach to focus entirely on virtual interactions, ensuring that we can provide educational assistance to anyone, anywhere. Our innovative program embraces the power of online and metaverse tutoring, enabling us to connect with students globally. This shift to virtual platforms has enhanced our reach and efficacy, allowing us to offer consistent academic services to all our students, regardless of their physical location. Gone are the days of traveling to students' homes or local libraries; we are now fully immersed in providing a comprehensive and accessible virtual learning experience.

Goals of Tutoring:

The following are identified goals for the tutorial sessions:

  • Assist students in becoming independent learners

  • Identify students’ area(s) of weakness

  • Provide students with effective study skills techniques, such as workshops and online resources

  • Assist students in reaching a higher level of competence in particular subject areas

  • Assist students in becoming active in the learning process

  • Aid in the development of positive approaches to learning

  • Provide a supportive and encouraging environment in which learning takes place at the students’ pace

The responsibility of successful tutoring is shared by

Tutor responsibility:

  • Keep all appointments as arranged

  • Engage students in discussions about what they know regarding particular subject area

  • Ask students questions to help transfer knowledge into long-term memory

  • Creating opportunities for students to practice what they have learned and are learning by providing

  • Reviewing notes, homework assignments, projects, quizzes, tests and exams, etc. to identify strengths and weaknesses

  • Create open lines of communication to obtain academic information prior tutoring sessions 

  • Assist students in building on skills during regular school sessions


Tutees (students) responsibility: 

  • Keeping all appointments and continuing to work at home

  • Bringing textbook, notes, homework, pen/pencil, and other necessary materials to each tutoring session

  • Prepare for sessions by determining what needs to be covered and sharing that information with the tutor

  • Participate actively in all aspects of the tutoring session: asking questions, completing homework, etc.

Parent Responsibility:

  • Provide TETT with access to student's school portal and/or homework assignments 24 hours before each session.

  • Encourage his/her child/children to share homework information 

  • Encourage his/her child/children to share information about their areas of academic concern

  • Encourage his/her child/children to attend all scheduled tutoring sessions

  • Touch basis with tutor in order to stay in touch with session progress

Teacher Assisting a Student
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