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The Elite Traveling Tutors.

Our ELITE tutoring staff is composed of former and current educators and engineers. The diverse educational and professional backgrounds of our tutors affords us an opportunity to service students from a wide spectrum. 

All of our staff members are participatory in offering General Education (G.E.D.) instruction to students 16 and older. Collectively our staff has the expertise to teach/tutor Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) courses that can lead to graduation. Our organization's soul purpose is to change the lives of students by enabling them to experience academic success, which builds confidence. Below you will find some detailed information about our educational staff. 

Join The Elite Traveling Tutors

We are looking to expand and diversify our tutoring team. An ideal candidate is someone who is an expert in their skillset and passionate about the education of young scholars. We are physically located in Atlanta, GA but our services are now available virtually and we would like to continue connect with scholars from all over the world in new ways with more educators on board. 

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