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We Bring Education to YOU!

Are you concerned about your child’s academic status? Does your child have an IEP? Is your child displaying behaviors that conflict with his/her studies? Are you searching for academic assistance for your child?


If your answer to any of these questions is YES, consider joining our family of young scholars. Our teachers and tutors assist students in developing skill sets that can build self-confidence that can to lead to GRADUATION.

Remote Learning

The Elite Traveling Tutors develop individualized learning plans according to each students' specific needs. We have been highly successful with students who are experiencing "test anxiety," as well as emotional and behavioral issues. It is a part of our mission to ensure that each student feels connected to his/her academic experiences.  


"We build students from the inside out!"

Male Student

S.T.E.M Tutoring

Are you focusing on your child's high school graduation?  Are you unsure of the best way/s to assist your student in his/her college courses? If you answered YES to any of these questions, consider connecting with one of our certified educators to develop a plan for your child! We will provide the educational resources necessary for your child/children to have a quality academic experience.

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Children Embracing in Circle

Participants of the traditional experience have opportunities to engage in enriched field trips, and academic activities. Students of all ages have an opportunity to further their academic studies or explore enriched field trips.  We also offer virtual academic sessions for students that want to meet us online.

Summer Programs & Field Trips

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